I'm a sysadmin, Python dev, and resident fox.

Some stuff I do...

OTW Volunteers & Recruiting Senior Staff
I help assign access to tools and manage recruitment for the OTW.
OTW Systems Staff
I help administer the servers that run the OTW's projects, including AO3.
Anthrocon Discord Moderator
I moderate the official Anthrocon Discord.
Furvana Social Media Manager
I manage all of the social media platforms Furvana has presence on.
WikiFur Conservator
I monitor the WikiFur recent changes and help with cases of spam/vandalism.

Stuff I used to do...

AO3 Policy & Abuse Staff
I helped field reports of Terms of Service violations for the Archive of Our Own.
RocketMap Project Manager
I managed the RocketMap Discord and GitHub repository.
PogoDev Discord Moderator
I moderated the official PogoDev Discord.