I'm a sysadmin, Python dev, and resident fox.

Some stuff I do...

OTW Systems Chair/Volunteer
Chair: Facilitate normal operation of the Systems committee, including running weekly meetings, communicating with the organization at large and delegating tasks.
Volunteer: Administer the server infrastructure that runs the OTW's projects, including AO3.
OTW Volunteers & Recruiting Senior Volunteer
Manage volunteer records, assign/remove internal tool access, manage recruitment, answer internal/external volunteering queries.
Anthrocon Discord Moderator
Moderate the official Anthrocon Discord.
Furvana Social Media Manager
Manage all of the social media platforms Furvana has presence on.
WikiFur Conservator
Monitor the WikiFur recent changes and help with cases of spam/vandalism.

Stuff I used to do...

AO3 Policy & Abuse Staff
Fielded reports of Terms of Service violations for the Archive of Our Own.
RocketMap Project Manager
Managed the RocketMap Discord and GitHub repository.
PogoDev Discord Moderator
Moderated the official PogoDev Discord.